Chantal Vriens



ESP; Arduino; HTML/CSS/JS; Tableau; Datafoundry; Miro;

Kelly Fransen, Mervyn Franssen and Maud Oomen

Exploring the working from home environment through sensor and qualitative data

A team project following the data-enabled design approach

The challenge

In design research it is not uncommon to encounter a difference between how users say or think they act and how they ‘actually’ act. The data-enabled design approach is a form of design research that uses a combination of qualitative and quantitative data

Data-enabled design helps to get insight into exactly this and thus works on that intersection between technology and user-centered that intrigue me. The notion of differentiating between thinking and doing in connection to technology also proved to be relevant for my final master project later.

What and how

Throughout this project we used data to perform design research using design probes to collect data in context. Collection of data in context showed a closer connection the context and allowed to get data on how the user acts in context.

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