Chantal Vriens

I am a recent MSc Industrial Design graduate with a background in Creative Technology. Now searching for opportunities in the human-computer interaction field.

Through recent years I have developed myself as a design researcher focusing on designing digital applications using innovative technology, data, or AI in their solutions. Currently, I am looking for exciting positions in human-AI interaction or digital product design to use my skills in the real world.

Through my Master in Industrial Design at the Eindhoven University of Technology, I have learned the state of the art of design research. I have worked with various new methodologies and approaches, such as data-enabled design or designing for behavioral change. And in 2022, I can proudly say that after finishing my graduation project at DEUS, I graduated with my master’s and the honors distinction cum laude.

Going further back, my Bachelor in Creative Technology at the University of Twente taught me to brainstorm, work in multi-disciplinary teams, and consider emerging technology’s strategic and human-centered potential. In 2019, I further went on an exchange to Italy. There following courses from the Master Human-Computer Interaction at the University of Trento. I have thus experienced a variety of diverse and creative environments throughout my education. 

Throughout these years, I have next to my studies, been an active member of the student community. In 2019-2020, I was part of Green Team Twente, a team of eighteen students at the University Twente building and promoting their hydrogen eco-racing car. Something that interested me as I enjoy working on socially relevant topics, such as sustainability.

Throughout these years, I have collaborated with companies on real-world case studies. I have worked in the health domain with Philips setting up a research project on the creative usage of data to help MRI patients. Furthermore, I have worked with Ruwido to further develop an intuitive but innovative human-remote interaction. Projects that require you to combine innovation with purpose and user experience are those that motivate me most. And I would love to continue working with companies that share my aim to create meaningful and human-centered innovation.

So if you’d like to say hello, you can reach me by email or on Linked-In.