Prepare My MRI | Research Project
Designing for creative and human data collection through making an MRI preparation experience that helps gather information about the patients' stress levels.
Following the Data-Enabled Design Approach
Design research through data collection in the context of the home office in times of COVID-19
Plentry | Designing with advanced AI
The conceptual design of an AI-driven recipe recommender system, which focuses on tackling food waste in the home through promoting reusing already owned ingredients.
Building a robotic brainstorm mediator that uses principles from explainable AI in a tangible visualization for the social context.
Poster design about theory for social innovation
When designing it is important to consider the role of design as a tool to transform society. These visual overview posters show the content of a range of theories relevant within this context.
Designing visual GIF branding for Hydrogen Student Team
For a year I have been the visual designer for a hydrogen student team called Green Team Twente. As part of our branding strategy, I designed these animated GIFs.
Van Gogh Playground design
3D design made using solidworks inspired by the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam
Interactive Educational escape room for a museum
Escape rooms have been growing in popularity over the last few years. Most of the time these escape room experiences are seen as fun or (at most) a teambuilding activity, this project researched the potential of educational escape rooms.
Animated Data Narration about colour blindness
An animated data narration telling a story about colourblindness through the eyes of John.
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