The combination of data collection and gamified preparation opens a new potential in terms of user experience and user motivation for data collection. The research project used between-group testing to distinguish between traditional and gamified preparation and the effects on the user. The results achieved with a sample of non-MRI patients suggest that gamified MRI preparation interface is an innovative alternative to traditional data collection. No negative effects were found on the collected data and the user experience did show improvement.  

traditional interface

gamified interface

The gamified interface was built in Unity game Engine with C# programming using ready-made assets from the unity assets store. The gamified interface was uploaded to the web as a WEB-GL and connected to Datafoundry (TU/e database) using a WebSocket protocol through OOCSI.  The webpages for both the traditional and gamified versions were hosted on Github pages and made using HTML, CSS, and javascript.   
Course                   Design Research Project (DPM120), Quartile 3&4 2020-2021
Grade                     Excellent
Client                     Philips, Data-Enabled Design
Tools                       Unity (C#), HTML, CSS, Javascript, SPSS, Git  
Team members     Chantal Vriens

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